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Jedi Knight 2 Eazy Guide


Jedi Knight 2 Eazy Guide
Jedi Knight 2 Continued-
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All you need to pwn your friends in Jedi Knight 2!

This is what I found the easiest way to win. Beat those annoying Sabor Spammers.
It may not be the most nice, undirty way, but it gets the job done in the most laziest way!
Here it is, written by Me, Bishop.

Your weapons:
Here are the tips and tactics against the Light Sabor and Force Abuser Lllamas.
How to be a llama with jk2 weapons:
The first thing you want to try to pick up is the  Mark VII Inquisitor, or seeker droid.
If you cant find that, pick up a SG (Sentry Gun). Those will be real important for those Light Sabor llamas. Next off, you should use one of these weapons.
E-11 Blaster Rifle:
The imperial grunt gun, this does great damage. Those Sabor Llamas are able to block your fire! What do you do? This weapon works great agaisnt them. But DO NOT SHOOT AT THERE LIGHT SABOR. The trick is to aim at their legs, while you are crouched. If you can do that, it works great.
Other tactics for E-11:
While those other guys are fighting off with sabors, crouch and blast them away with full-auto strafing left and right. But for longer distances, use semi-auto while moving left and right. Belive me, this racks up the kills since they really cant fight against someone with a sabor and you with a weapon, and works for the other opponet. Just dont get to close to the dueling group.
Heavy Repeater:
This weapon is the best llama weapon out there in JK2. This strategy is real easy. While you are being chased by Light Sabor Llamas, basically shoot your secondary fire (the big purple stuff) at their feet while they chase you with light sabor. After about 5-7 shoots from that, they are dead, of course depending on amour. This is one of the most easiest and cheesiest ways to kill someone, even if they dont use Light Sabor.
Thermal Detonator:
A very good weapon to use in close combat if out of ammo. I use for fun because of the easy and cheesy kills from it. You basically use it like the Heavy Repeater. Press your secondary fire (the explode on impact) and throw at enemy's feet. It will kill them easy. If you make direct hits with all of your gernades, they should be dead.
Set det packs in a hall way where enemies come through often stand on the det packs, run and let the sabor llama chase you, and secondary fire your thermal detonator at the det while they are close, or on top of them. They will die a quick death.
Use the Force, Idiot. Ways to Counter The Force.
Here are the forces you want to spend your points on. Be the Dark Side.
Jump-Highest Level
Push-Highest Level
Sabor Attack-Highest Level
Sabor-Defend-Highest Level
Sabor Throw-Hightest Level
and put the rest of your points where you want.
But only use your Sabor as a final option.
Pushing is fun. So when you want to buy some time and run from a sabor llama. You push and jump away.
Advanced Light Sabor Killers
The most fun and skillful way to kill an enemy is with a Bryar Pistol.
Secondary fire (charging it up) and release it at the enemy's legs. Do that a couple of times. If your really good, you mastered the game. You are now a Llama Jedi.
Remember guys, use the weapons, not the force.

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My guide, you take, i kill you. BISHOP 2002