2 Krauts
Progress and Projects


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2Krauts Progress and Projects-

Allied Progress and Projects:
  1. Allies Pack Beta 2- Release this weekend
  2. Hannibal from A-Team BAR Gunner Replacement- ON HOLD
  3. Mr. T from A-Team Machine Gunner Replacement- ON HOLD

Axis Progress and Projects:

  1. Axis Pack Beta 2- Planning
  2. Axis Pack Fix for Beta 1- Released

Sound Progress and Projects:

  1. French Sound Pack Beta 2- 35% done
  2. German Weapon Sound Pack Beta 1- 15% done

Other Progress and Projects:

  1. Explosion Sprite- Planning


Info on Projects:

Axis Beta Pack 2 will have ALL weapons, p and v models, hopefully.

Allie Beta Pack 2 will have all weapons, and gangster style Tommy v_model, made by Firegold

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